Hello, Welcome to BIMtv.net, Create Buildings Better and BIM training videos.

I'm Steve Jensen and it is my hope that this site helps you get up to speed with BIM. BIM training videos and the audio show Create Buildings Better was designed to meet your needs for complex training topics and a good dose of the basics. I start with a topic overview, showing how to accomplish your goal, and then relate the tutorial steps back to the specific basic skills you need to accomplish that topic. This provides a more in depth look at how to accomplish the goal. BIM is a vast category of processes and learning. Start small and don't try to eat the whole elephant in one sitting. You don't have to wait until you know the entire set of software tools to get started with Building Information Modeling. As you get more familiar with the tools and software you will be able to skip some of the basic step reviews for parts that you are already comfortable with.

BIM training videos is always available to you, come back and review topics whenever you like. There is a set of videos that concentrates on small parts of the BIM process or tool, so you can focus on the aspects that are important to you at the time. Search and learn about topics in the order that is important to you, for your project. You'll never forget how to do something because you can come back and look up the information covered in each video whenever you want. That's Training you can't forget!

BIMtv.net focuses on Building Information Modeling topics in video format for you to view at your convenience on any web connected device. CreateBuildingsBetter.com focuses on BIM processes and policy topics in an audio format. You can subscribe to the podcast and download the mp3 files to listen to at your convenience. My goal for BIM training videos and Create Buildings Better is to make sure you have the information you need to be successful with your BIM project. The topics covered are designed to be applicable to any software tools you use.

BIM tools and process implementations are often unique for each firm. Every day you will use many tools to create and communicate ideas and information. If you don't find a topic you are looking for let me know, I will do my best to help you find the information you need.

I invite you to explore this site and learn. Watch and listen. See what I do and how I can help you with your BIM projects. Follow me on Twitter, Find me on Facebook, Subscribe with iTunes, Subscribe to YouTube.