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What is Integrated Project Delivery?

How does IPD compare to other delivery methods?

Integrated project Delivery is based on the project team collaborating to innovate, design and build the project. A very big aspect of IPD is getting the entire team involved early in the project. Often, integrated projects have a core group at the center, Owner, Architect, Builder/Contractor. The integrated team members come together early on in the project to provide input and develop an understanding of the project goals.

Integrated Project Delivery team

Other Delivery Methods:

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Show notes:

This week's show is about Autodesk's changing subscription model and I'll share the 5 topics I've been seeing as popular or trending in the BIM world, and we'll look at three questions about Building Information Modeling in practice.

Autodesk has a new subscription scheme that will allow you to rent software, or utilize cloud services.  The three options offered are:

  • Maintenance subscription
  • Desktop subscription (short term renting)
  • Cloud services subscription

As I talk to people at different firms and cruise around the internet, I have been noticing several topics that are very popluar or talked about quite a bit.  I only briefly talk about them in this show, but what are some of the trends you are noticing?  Leave a comment if you noticed any other topics that are popular.

Trending topics:
1. Civil or Infrastructure BIM use
2. A change in what BIM is, or can be defined as
3. The use of augmented reality in the construction industry
4. Interest in the LOD specification
5. Digital surveying or Scanning to help create models

1. Who owns the BIM model when it is intended to be used for facility management?
2. Should I start using BIM in my small business or stick with drafting?  Drafting is faster...
3.  I am a general contractor, what software should I use to view BIM and perform clash detections?

If you have any trending topics you've noticed leave a comment below.

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Show notes:

This week I'm going to summarize the the content that we have already gone through and then answer some questions.

The first 18 episodes of the show were dedicated to introducing BIM and BIM processes to you.  Listen as I give you a brief summary of each episode and cover the main points for each.  I talked about getting started with BIM, planning your BIM processes, and some of the methods to execute BIM in your company. You can visit the Audio Show tab to get to each podcast for download or listening.

Episode 001 - Definition of Building Information Modeling, What is BIM?
Episode 002 - The 4 steps of BIM project planning
Episode 003 - How to use your BIM data in the project planning stage
Episode 004 - Bim project planning and legal contracts
Episode 005 - What is the BIM Level of Development specification
Episode 006 - Secrets for a great presentation in 5 steps
Episode 007 - Rumors of new software, News, and definitions
Episode 008 - Should you switch to BIM?
Episode 009 - Autodesk University, a quick recap of my time there
Episode 010 - 5 best practices for securing data in the BIM Cloud
Episode 011 - 5 items to include in your BIM Cloud contracts
Episode 012 - 3 steps to move BIM to the cloud
Episode 013 - The 10 Truths about BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Episode 014 - Incorporating BIM into Facility Management
Episode 015 - IFC - the way to BIM collaboration
Episode 016 - COBie - The way to exchange information
Episode 017 - COBie, Who does what?
Episode 018 - 10 steps for BIM implementation. A start.

I also answer questions that other people have posted so you can hear what concerns other people have with BIM implementation or technology use.

1. Do facility managers need the cost information with the FM handover data set?
2. Do you think making BIM mandatory is a good idea?
3. Can I use Revit on a Surface Pro 2 tablet?

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Show notes:

I have talked about alot of the individual parts of BIM implementation in the previous episodes. This week I'll talk about some of the questions you need to answer when you decide to move to BIM. Whether you are a construction company, architect, engineer or a property management company the decision to use BIM seems compelling. You created your strategic plan and goals for implementation, but how do you actually implement BIM? You might find a broad approach to BIM beneficial, or you might concentrate on developing an in-depth understanding of a specific BIM aspect and master it.

Quote of the week:

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still." - Chinese Proverb

The steps to follow and the questions to ask when implementing BIM:

Getting started in your BIM processes can seem daunting at times. If you look at what I have talked about in previous episodes, there are many things to consider. Implementing BIM is a change, but it doesn't have to occur overnight. Start out in small steps, ideally beginning with knowing your business and knowing about BIM. BIM will mean a change in three areas; Processes, People, and Technology.

You can evaluate your business use for BIM by looking at these three areas and determining a strategy for implementing BIM into your work. In the podcast I point out several different types of companies that use BIM in different ways. If you have any more examples leave a comment below.

The 10 steps to use when implementing BIM:

  1. Design the processes that you will use.
  2. Consider the Implementation team members and decide who that will be.
  3. Analyze you current work.
  4. Find out about BIM.
  5. Document your data and information needs. Why BIM will help.
  6. Determine your technology needs.
  7. Education and training considerations to get your staff to a capable state.
  8. Evaluate your options.
  9. Layout the steps of the BIM process.
  10. Re-evaluate the implementation and choose changes as needed.

As you listen, and I go through each step and what to consider, think of how it applies to your business.

10 questions to answer when implementing BIM.

Related to these 10 steps make sure you answer these 10 questions.

  1. What level of BIM implementation is optimal for this organization?
  2. What part of the BIM process can be done in-house, what can be done using outside resources?
  3. Thinking about the I in BIM, what information do you use?
  4. Who creates or drives that information?
  5. How would outsourced BIM services be procured? (modeling, analysis of models, consulting)
  6. What will be the standard BIM delivery process for us?
  7. How much flexibility in the BIM delivery process do we need to react to specific projects?  This will be different depending on your role and business.
  8. Which BIM technologies are right for your company?
  9. How much investment will need to be made to complete the implementation?
  10. What resources other than money will be needed to implement BIM successfully?  Think of things like; Trianing and consulting services, finding a BIM champion...

If you noticed I missed anything leave a comment below, I'd love to get your feedback!


Graphisoft BIM clound announced this week.

bimSMART summit 2014:
bimSMART Summit 2014 - 3D Measurement & Imaging Conference
Colorado Springs - Monday, April 14th, 2014

Boston BIM Forum:
In Boston, of all places, this time. April 23-24, 2014

BIM Show Live:
23-24 April 2014 taking place at a NEW venue, Manchester Central.
Manchester, UK.

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Show notes:

I have been reworking the podcast and I hope you like the new format we will start next week.  There are no major changes.  I will still be providing the same information about BIM that you are used to getting, but I will be adding YOUR questions and my answers to the show.  Hopefully this will help you understand what questions other people are asking and provide you with the answers that they are getting from me as well.

I am also committing to produce the podcast on a more regular schedule.  Rather than recording when I have a chance during the week, I have set a deadline of Thursday to get the show uploaded to the website for publication.  Hopefully this will provide you with a more reliable way to get the information you are looking for.

Remember, in order to get a question answered you can contact me any way that is convnient for you.

The question hotline is: 414-979-1765

The website has all the links you need:

Twitter handle is: @cre8bldgsbtr

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