Show notes:

This week's show is about Autodesk's changing subscription model and I'll share the 5 topics I've been seeing as popular or trending in the BIM world, and we'll look at three questions about Building Information Modeling in practice.

Autodesk has a new subscription scheme that will allow you to rent software, or utilize cloud services.  The three options offered are:

  • Maintenance subscription
  • Desktop subscription (short term renting)
  • Cloud services subscription

As I talk to people at different firms and cruise around the internet, I have been noticing several topics that are very popluar or talked about quite a bit.  I only briefly talk about them in this show, but what are some of the trends you are noticing?  Leave a comment if you noticed any other topics that are popular.

Trending topics:
1. Civil or Infrastructure BIM use
2. A change in what BIM is, or can be defined as
3. The use of augmented reality in the construction industry
4. Interest in the LOD specification
5. Digital surveying or Scanning to help create models

1. Who owns the BIM model when it is intended to be used for facility management?
2. Should I start using BIM in my small business or stick with drafting?  Drafting is faster...
3.  I am a general contractor, what software should I use to view BIM and perform clash detections?

If you have any trending topics you've noticed leave a comment below.

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