Episode 007 - Get ready for changes in the building industry

In this episode of Create Buildings Better I'll talk about the changes coming to industry. From Google's new software to changes in the international building codes. I also see confusing statements when researching BIM and provide a translation.
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Episode 006 - Secrets for a great presentation in 5 steps

In this episode we talk about the secrets for great a presentation and I also mention a post I saw about how BIM can bankrupt a firm.
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Episode 005 - What is the BIM Level of Development (LOD)?

This episode will share with you the Level of Development Specification and go into more detail about how this is useful for your projects. Also a recent acquisition by Autodesk will help expand the industry us of BIM in the structural design workflow.
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Episode 004 - Bim project planning and legal contracts

In this Episode we talk about two AIA contract documents related to BIM project planning that were updated and released this year. AIA document E202 - 2008 and E203 - 2013
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Episode 003 - Deciding how to use your BIM data in the project planning stage

In this Episode I talk about using your building information model data and the changes that will take place in staffing and project management when using BIM. Get the show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/003


Episode 002 - The 4 steps of BIM project planning

In this episode of Create Buildings Better I talk about the 4 steps of BIM project planning and mention new products that were announced earlier this year from NVIDIA and CITRIX. Get the show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/002


Episode 001 - Definition of Building Information Modeling, What is BIM?

In this episode of Create Buildings Better I give you a little of my background and provide a definition of BIM that I will use in future episodes. We also look at NVIDIA's contribution to creating better buildings. Get the show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/001